The Secretariat of the YDF coordinates between significant stakeholders such as the President, Vice-President, Executive Director, members of the Board, and external partners. It oversees the information exchange and interaction needs of the President, Vice-President and the Executive Director with respect to significant stakeholders.

It is committed to provide easy access to the stakeholders to further the cause of YDF. It is important that the members of the Board are easily devoting quality time and energy on issues critical to the functioning of YDF. Therefore, this unit stands to ensure, that Board members are abreast of the latest developments in the field as well as within the organization.

The secretariat is also responsible for internal audit systems and processes, enabling YDF to be a responsive and transparent organization. The secretariat also regulates the organization’s monitoring and evaluation system so that YDF can become a ‘learning organization’.

The Human Resource, Administration & IT division within the Secretariat ensures the smooth daily functioning of the YDF staff and its events. It is aimed to make YDF recognized as the source of knowledge and skills with regard to development, design and implementation of volunteer engagement and youth groups. It lends stability to the organization by instituting processes and systems for the development, relationship and growth of the staff.

The administrative policy and guidelines ensure equity across the organization and supports avenues for growth and development of the staff. It ensures a transparent, accountable, credible and cost-effective procurement system and looks after the estate maintenance.

The IT unit consistently works on standardizing information technology system to take care of existing and emerging needs in the area of information processing and analysis. A robust and responsive information technology system is necessary to support any work of the organization.