The Bhutan YDF empowers young people by providing resources and platforms to define their own future and bring about positive, sustainable change in their communities.


The Bhutan YDF supports young people by offering innovative programs and opportunities to address the unique needs of underserved and disadvantaged youth.


The Bhutan YDF inspires young people to realize their full potential as productive citizens and compassionate leaders through scholarships, service-learning, and advocacy.

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YDF fundraising musical theater

Every year the Bhutan Youth Development Fund organizes various fundraising initiatives done by the youth volunteers on behalf of YDF. This year a cast, comprising entirely of Bhutanese youth presented a musical theater called ‘Mother The Touch of Gold’ at Lugar Theater on 5th August 2017. The fundraising event collected around Nu. 250,000. YDF would […]

About Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country roughly the size of Switzerland, with a population of approximately 7,50,000. Bhutan is known as Druk Yul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is a country deeply rooted in Mahayana Buddhism, a tradition that stresses not material rewards, but individual development, sanctity of life, compassion for others, respect for […]

Community Representatives elected at My Gakidh Village

To create an enabling environment during implementation of activities under My Gakidh Village Project, Seven community youth were elected as community representatives on 14th September 2017. The main objective of empowering community youth with such responsibilities is to foster community ownership, encourage collaborative working environment, building leadership quality and also to make youth as an […]

Training of Local Guides at My Gakidh Village (MGV)

Considering the high potential of community-based eco-tourism development for My Gakidh Village (MGV) and taking advantage of the ancient heritage trail as the major attraction point for tourism to 21 villages which fall along the trail of the Lam Drukpa Kinley, the Divine Madman, a five days training on Local Guiding was conducted from 19th to 23rd July […]

About YDF

With a special focus on disadvantaged youth, the Bhutan Youth Development Fund enables Bhutanese youth to realize their full potential as productive citizens. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is a senior member of civil society, known as an advocate for disability rights, substance abuse prevention and treatment, education, employment, and other important issues impacting youth. The Bhutan YDF provides financial support for youth development activities like leadership and volunteerism, drug rehabilitation, special education, basic skills and vocational training, and advocacy for youth-oriented policy.

From the President

Her Majesty the Queen Mother
Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is committed to making every youth a leader. As Bhutan's leading youth organization, we are working to address the growing needs of our youth and ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to realize their potential.

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