Drug Education & Rehabilitation

Major changes are taking place in Bhutan. Rising rates of rural-urban migration have brought many young people off the land and into the cities, accelerating the breakdown of the extended family support system. In urban areas of Bhutan, young people must fend for themselves and they often experience alienation. Exposure to television, the Internet, and pop culture’s influence can sometimes lead to self-doubts or self-destructive behavior. Whereas in the past, many youth never left their provinces, youth today are more mobile, and as a result, exposed to drugs and alcohol.

Launch of drug-free campaign 2015

The launch of drug-free campaign 2015

YDF is the only non-governmental agency working tirelessly to address the problems and needs of vulnerable youth afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction. Through various services such as drop-in centers for counseling and treatment and rehabilitation centers for men and women in the capital city of Thimphu, YDF provides hope to a young population abusing drugs and alcohol.

The program has so thus far rehabilitated more than 2000 people living with substance abuse disorders and reached out to prevent drug abuse through education and counseling for over 1000 youth annually since its inception in 2004.

Program Objectives

      • to create awareness that alcohol and chemical dependency can be treated;
      • to reach out to the alcohol and/or drug dependent youth and their families;
      • to provide support for youth addicted to drugs and alcohol;
      • to motivate treatment and rehabilitation for substance dependent persons


Program Activities

YDF’s Drug Education and Rehabilitation Services (DEARS) functions at the program level and at the community drop-in center level. At a program level, YDF facilitates each center to reach out to at-risk young people. In particular, the program:

  • Provides grant management in the form of grant writing, planning, implementing of activities, and reporting
  • Ensures capacity-building in relevant field for the staff members working under DEARS
  • Conducts awareness campaigns and community outreach
  • Coordinates fundraising for treatment facilities and drop-in centers
  • Conducts advocacy for at-risk youth
  • Encourages partnerships and collaboration with relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitates planning and policy-making
  • Oversees and coordinates drug treatment and recovery centers


Currently, DEARS oversees the following drug recovery centers:

  • Nazhoen Pelri Rehabilitation Center for Men & Women, Thimphu
  • Nazhoen Pelri Drop-in Center, Thimphu
  • Nazhoen Pelri Drop-in Center, Bumthang


Through these facilities, we provide the following services:

  • Drug education and prevention
  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Educative classes and psychosocial support, e.g. meditation and dharma-based classes
  • AA/NA self-help groups
  • Scholarships for continuing education
  • Sober birthday and recovery celebration
  • Vocational and life skills development, e.g. computer and IT training, handicrafts, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational activities, e.g. gym, music, library, team sports, cycling, trekking, etc.

Contact Information

Nazhoen Pelri Rehabilitation Center, Thimphu
Tel: (+975) 02 350221

Nazhoen Pelri Drop-In Center, Thimphu
Tel: (+975) 02 333303

Nazhoen Pelri Drop-In Center, Bumthang
Tel: (+975) 03 631627



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