YDF’s dedicated Fundraising team focuses on raising funds for our programs both internationally and at the local level. From school clubs to ad hoc community events to crowdfunding, we strive to further the mission of our NGO.  We keep in constant contact with banking institutions for financial updates, and insure that our partners’ and donors’ standing instructions are met.

Through the use of social media tools, we stay in touch with the latest activities and events that drive our fundraising campaigns.

Fundraising Goals
  • Raise funds for YDF Programs
  • Community engagement and awareness-building
  • National and international fundraising
  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships with donors
  • 250 for Youth presentations to potential partners and donors, such as Corporations, Business Entities, Government bodies, Schools, Individuals and NGOs
  • Distribution and collection of donation boxes and Badums that encourage small giving

250 for YOUth

Small donations collectively have a huge impact and regardless of the size of your individual gift, it will make a difference. Every small donation adds up, and together with other small donors, the outcome can have a positive effect in our local communities.


250 for YOUth is a donation scheme to build a flow of funds from local donors for YDF programs and youth development activities.

By donating as little as 250 ngultrum per month (less the $5 USD), 250 for YOUth encourages a large number of individual Bhutanese donors to become microphilanthropists and give back to disadvantaged youth.

Download 250 for YOUth bank transfer instructions

At the local level, funds are transferred from the individuals’s bank account with security, transparency, and minimal hassle, making giving easy for donors without the means or tools to donate online.

For more information:

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Meet Badum, the project mascot

Meet Badum, the project mascot

“Save to Share”

The Badum project is an initiative that encourages children under the age of thirteen to save and share with underprivileged Bhutanese youth. Similar to a piggy bank, the earthen pig named Badum is collected four times a year, and the money collected is used to support YDF programs. Badum is distributed for free to encourage small giving among children and young students. Badum recipients receive a certificate to thank them for their collection.

Nurture a Tree

According to The Guardian, with over 60% forest cover, “Bhutan’s forests absorb three times more CO2 emissions than its population create, helping to make it the world’s most ‘carbon negative’ country.”

Nurture a Tree is an opportunity to support Bhutan’s unique environmental conservation efforts. Every year, our Young Volunteers in Action (Y-VIA) plant hundreds of trees across the country in order to preserve the pristine forest cover.

A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 48 lb. per year.

With a small contribution of 200 Nu. ($3 USD), the YDF’s volunteers will plant a tree sapling on your behalf and take care of it to ensure that the sapling grows into a full-fledged tree one day. We will follow up on your generous donation and send you a photo of where the sapling you sponsored is planted in Bhutan.

To Nurture a Tree, please visit the Support Us tab on our website and make a donation to “250 for Youth.”