Green Weaving Center (GWC)

The Green Weaving Center (GWC) is designed to be a Himalayan Artistic Mandala, an authentic artistic life experience designed to incubate a model for Gross National Happiness (GNH) in education and eco-business. Through such experiences, one will be guided to a happy work and life (GNH life) and to transform one’s daily life into life.

This will foster Happy Leaders for communities and society and a good earth citizen model for the world. The Green Weaving Center project is a joint effort of the Academy of Himalayan Art and Child Development( AHACD) and Bhutan Youth Development Foundation (YDF,

GWC is a center for:

(i) Teaching and preserving the methods and materials used in traditional Bhutanese weaving, as well as its history

 (ii) Early childhood education for the children of weavers and staff.

We use Himalayan art and philosophy as tools to teach mindfulness and combine this traditional culture with modern theories of human development and SEL techniques in order to create a holistic educational experience. Three key components of the SEL curriculum: self-care, care for others and care for the environment. Through this center, we will teach mothers about child development through artistic experiences while empowering them economically. Children can learn art, music, and stories and have time to bond with their mothers during the workday Green Weaving Center is designed to demonstrate a Green fashion eco-economic value chain.

Conventional economic systems consider the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. A social enterprise in accordance with GNH values, where all economic activities are carried out consistent with a set of principles and standards. This intention is to achieve better cultural, social, environmental, and financial outcomes which will be manifested through the Green Weaving Center.

The project aims to empower women in the right way and bring up the awareness and education level of women, which is essential to the well-being of children and the happiness of families and communities. The Green Weaving Center will nourish women in a holistic and creative way and bring them important knowledge and skills in the arts, child development, and sustainable living. The women who will study and work in the Green Weaving Center will not only become more knowledgeable weavers but also green fashion-leaders and green household keepers. Most importantly, they will learn to nourish the next generation of Bhutan.