Communication & Resource Center

Communication and Resource Center division of YDF primarily focuses on networking and public relations, media and branding, and the functioning of the resource center for any youth publications or materials.

This unit strives toward image building and awareness, to emerge YDF as a point of reference for youth-related programs and policies. A fully functional Resource Center for youth-related issues will be established soon. These publications can be used as a source reference material by various organizations and agencies. The video, audio, and written publications from the Resource Center will not only help other stakeholders and partners but also provide informative influence to the any youth who comes to the center.

A media unit will deliver communication, audio-visual materials and discussion for YDF and all other aspects related to the youth of Bhutan. This active media unit will be referred as the most preferred media house for issues related to youth.

This unit also ensures that there is an efficient and effective internal communication system that allows swift and user-friendly internal communication flow. With the Resource Center and the online archiving, the youth and stakeholders have online access to data, information, and guidance in youth related issues.