While the government provides universal public education for all children in Bhutan until class 10, many children still do not complete basic education. Children are often removed from school due to the socioeconomic needs of their parents. A majority of families in Bhutan depend on subsistence farming for survival, and they view more value in […]

Sponsor a Monk

In Bhutan, almost 10% of the population is part of the monastic system. The clergy plays an important role in the day-to-day lives of the Bhutanese and is a body that is well-respected by the people and an essential part of their being.   Many of the children who become monks come from economically disadvantaged […]


The Secretariat of the YDF coordinates between significant stakeholders such as the President, Vice-President, Executive Director, members of the Board, and external partners. It oversees the information exchange and interaction needs of the President, Vice-President and the Executive Director with respect to significant stakeholders. It is committed to provide easy access to the stakeholders to […]

Communication & Resource Center

Communication and Resource Center division of YDF primarily focuses on networking and public relations, media and branding, and the functioning of the resource center for any youth publications or materials. This unit strives toward image building and awareness, to emerge YDF as a point of reference for youth-related programs and policies. A fully functional Resource […]

Information Technology

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Grant Management

The YDF offers Grant Management services to administer, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of grants and programs. We analyze potential projects, conduct in-depth due diligence, and ensure that principal grant recipients achieve successful implementation and project sustainability. The Grants Program for Youth-Led Initiatives, in conjuction with the YDF’s Youth Participation & Child Protection program, UNICEF, and […]

About Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country roughly the size of Switzerland, with a population of approximately 7,50,000. Bhutan is known as Druk Yul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is a country deeply rooted in Mahayana Buddhism, a tradition that stresses not material rewards, but individual development, sanctity of life, compassion for others, respect for […]