Call for Annual Quotation deadline extended!

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund invites sealed bids for the Annual Quotation Contract for 2022 from the eligible bhutanese suppliers and automobile workshops with valid trade license for the following packages:

  1. Office Stationery
  2. Vehicle Tubes & Tyres
  3. Expression of Interest for Maintenance of Printers, Copier and CCTV 
  4. Vehicle Spares & Maintenance

The complete set of bidding document can be downloaded from the links below:

Hardware docu

Hardware Items.Excel

Stationeries docu


Tyre docu


Vehicle Quotation docu

Vehicle. Excel

The deadline for submission of the bid is on 15th April 2022 (by 5:00 PM).  For further information and queries, please call +975 77240358

* Please note that you are required to fill up rates and submit soft copy in the prescribed excel sheet and email at