While(in)g Vacation Program 2018-2019

From 24th December 2018 till 11thJanuary 2019

 For last eight years, the While (in) g Vacation program under YDF has offered exciting activities that are fun,engaging and effective in building the capacity for the youth through series of fun activities and learning processes. This program is funded by Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL).

While (in) g is a regular winter program specially designed for children & youth, where ‘while’ (verb means “to pass time leisurely”) during their vacation  in a creatively and productively manners. The program provides deeper insight for the youth of the things that matter the most in their life beside it being fun and engaging.

Well, the While (in) g Vacation program is back for you, lined up with more fun learning and exciting activities.


To cultivate productive citizens and leaders   through quality educational programs.     

To provide wholesome education to every child & youth.


To realize the mission through creativity and collaboration.

The program will be divided into SIX categories based on the interest of the individual child and eligibility of their age. All the activities have been listed below.

  1. Junior Reading
  2. Arts and  Crafts:

             I. Traditional Bhutanese Art

             II. Contemporary Art

      3. Dance the story (Theatrical dance)

      4. Education and Edutainment – Theater on Child Protection

      5. Hospitality and mindfulness in daily chores;

             I. Setting tables

             II. Making beds

            III. Folding clothes

            IV. Packing clothes in suitcase

             V. Disaster management

      6. Passport to Success, Life Skills program

We have general sessions for 3 hours each for financial literacy program and education on saving. Participants from 15 to 24 years will have a field trip to BIW (Bhutan Institute of Well-being) in Tshaluna towards the end of the program. The participants will have their packed lunches in the forest. (The participants will be asked to take packed lunches). As a supplementary program, we will also have futsal and badminton for the participants.

Age Group
7-14260– Reading (120)
-Forum theater(20)
– Arts and Crafts( 40)
Nazhoen Pelri  Youth Development Centre
15-2440– Hospitality & mindfulness in
daily chores (20)
– Passport to success ( Life skills training) (20)
Nazhoen Pelri  Youth Development Centre

Resource People and Co-Facilitators

  • Professional Volunteers                                                                                  
  • Teachers
  • YDF Scholarship Alumni
  • YDF Young Volunteers In Action        
  • YDF Program Staff

Overall Coordinator:

  1. Name: Ms. Tashi Deki

Email ID: tashideki@bhutanyouth.org

Contact number: 17751196


  • Name: Mr.Tenzin Wangchuk

Email ID: tenzinwangchuk@bhutanyouth.org

Contact number: 17999347/7726544

Contact number: 17999347/7726544

Note: Nominal amount of Nu.150 will be charged as a registration fee for one child.

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