‘Wear To Be Aware’ design training

On 12th July 2017, a 22 day Design Training Workshop – “Wear To Be Aware” concluded at YDF hall.

Organized by YDF and facilitated by Mr. Prateek Dev Vimal, designer, a total of 14 participants were engaged in Pattern making, Creation of a collection & principles of designs. The training was aimed to improving skills in conscious designing and arts to further extend the opportunities for employment among the youth.

The garments showcased during the closing event, reflected the pattern making variation skills of the participants fusing with their idea of using easily available local materials together with the promotion of using rags to riches.

Training Outcomes:

  • The participants acquired basic skills on pattern making which is fundamental to designing.
  • The participants acquired skills in making variation in garments.
  • The participants came up with a collection piece of 20 number of garments.
  • Fashion show showcasing a collection piece of the participants.

The President of YDF, Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Pem Wangchuck and Her Royal Highness Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck graced the closing day event as chief guests.

My Gakidh Village, Nazhoen Pelri Souvenir Centre, YDF, together with Royal Academy of Design and Innovation, YDF, organized the training.

– My Gakidh Village is a joint initiative of Bhutan Youth Development Fund, Aide et Action International and UNDP Bhutan and aims to curb rural-urban youth migration by providing sustainable livelihood skills and opportunities to unemployed youth within their own communities

– Nazhoen Pelri Souvenir Centre, YDF is a souvenir centre located in Thimphu town above the National Public Library supporting the trainees from Nazhoen Pelri Skills and Training Centre promoting income generation among young women through the provision of training in souvenir making and encouraging use of locally available materials

– Royal Academy of Design and Innovation is an upcoming educational institute of YDF which focuses on:

  1. Promoting Bhutanese textiles and art
  2. Healthy living &
  3. Organic designing and art

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund would like to thank World Wildlife Fund for funding this training.

For further information related to the training please contact Mr. Jigme Thinley, Director of Finance and Investment, YDF at jigmethinley@bhutanyouth.org , Phone: +975-2-327483/3291.


Older news : June 20 2017

YDF-Genesis Scholarship Announcement

Graduation tradition

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is pleased to announce availability of ONE 50% scholarship to study in Genesis Global School in Noida, India. The Scholarship is for students who wish to study in Genesis Global School from grade VII-XII.

Annual Fee structure for 50% scholarship

Class 6-8(CIE CS1) Class 9-10(CIE IGCSE) Class 11-12( IB DP)
A One time charges
1 Admission fees (Non refundable ) INR 15, 000 INR 15, 000 INR 15, 000
2 Security Deposit (Refundable) INR 70, 000 INR 70, 000 INR 100, 000
B Regular fees (Annual) INR 172, 000 INR 194, 000 INR 248, 000
C Residential fee INR 117, 600 INR 117, 600 INR 117, 600
D Books/ Uniforms/Laundry INR 30, 000 INR 30, 000 INR 30, 000
E Imprest INR 20, 000 INR 20, 000 INR 20, 000
Total INR 424, 600 INR 446, 600 INR 648, 200



  • The fee structure does not include travel expenses
  • ‘D’- it is an estimated amount. Any amount left over will be carried forward to next year and detailed statement will be mailed quarterly.
  • ‘E’- this is used towards purchase of personal toiletries, outings and pocket money. Detailed statement will be mailed quarterly.
  • Adventure camps, outstation trips, exchange to other schools/countries shall not be part of the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. To apply for grade VII-IX, students should score a minimum of 60% in the previous class.
  2. To apply for grade XI (Science), a minimum of 80% in grade X result is required.
  3. To apply for grade XI (Commerce with math), a minimum of 80% in grade X result is required.
  4. To apply for grade XI (Commerce without math), a minimum of 60% in grade X result is required.
  5. To apply for grade XI (Humanities), a minimum of 65% in grade X result is required.


Kindly submit an application with all the necessary documents to YDF Secretariat during office hours or email us at tashideki@bhutanyouth.org on or before 30th June, 2017. Contact 327483/329135 for further enquiries. Please click here to download the scholarship form.

Other necessary documents to be submitted are:

  1. Copy of citizenship identity card
  2. Passport sized photograph (2 nos)
  3. Copy of Academic transcripts of year 2016
  4. Reference letters
  5. Security clearance
  6. School leaving certificate /Concern letter from the current school
  7. Medical certificate