Status of Scholarship Beneficiaries under YDF’s Scholarship program

Amid COVID-19 outbreak, YDF created a group chat on Facebook to check on our students studying abroad (Students are also being contacted on an individual level through the different medium). Rest assured, all our students are safe. Most of our students are back home and being quarantined in the quarantine facilities and a couple of them are on their way back home in a few days.

  1. All our students studying in various UWCs (United World Colleges) across the world are back in the country and being quarantined at the moment except for our students studying in UWCSEA, Singapore but they are considering coming back this Sunday. Our student studying at UWC-USA is back home with her relatives in the US. While those students who graduated from UWCs and currently pursuing their undergrad in the US are in the University and taking online classes.
  2. Our student from BRAC University, Bangladesh is back in the country today (26th March 2020) and she is being quarantined.
  3. Students from Regents International School, Thailand are back in the country. Two of them are being quarantined in a quarantine facility and one on home quarantine. 
  4. Students from World University of Design (WUD) and Genesis Global School, India are also back in the country and they are on home quarantine. The students came back home before the government announced compulsory quarantining for Bhutanese coming from COVID-19 affected countries. 
  5. However, our student who is studying in LPU, India is still in the University. Timely check-ins being done and instructed to take precautionary measures and to stay indoors. Moreover, she is also in constant touch with the Bhutanese Embassy in Delhi.