Community Representatives elected at My Gakidh Village

To create an enabling environment during implementation of activities under My Gakidh Village Project, Seven community youth were elected as community representatives on 14th September 2017. The main objective of empowering community youth with such responsibilities is to foster community ownership, encourage collaborative working environment, building leadership quality and also to make youth as an […]

YDF fundraising musical theater

Every year the Bhutan Youth Development Fund organizes various fundraising initiatives done by the youth volunteers on behalf of YDF. This year a cast, comprising entirely of Bhutanese youth presented a musical theater called ‘Mother The Touch of Gold’ at Lugar Theater on 5th August 2017. The fundraising event collected around Nu. 250,000. YDF would […]

Training of Local Guides at My Gakidh Village (MGV)

Considering the high potential of community-based eco-tourism development for My Gakidh Village (MGV) and taking advantage of the ancient heritage trail as the major attraction point for tourism to 21 villages which fall along the trail of the Lam Drukpa Kinley, the Divine Madman, a five days training on Local Guiding was conducted from 19th to 23rd July […]

Investment & Social Enterprise

Nazhoen Pelri Eco-Friendly Initiative A Featured Investment Project and Social Enterprise  As an innovative social enterprise of the YDF, the Nazhoen Pelri Eco-Friendly Initiative in Bjemina, Thimphu is Bhutan’s first ever waste paper recycling unit that produces on average 20,000 egg trays per week from waste materials and employs recovering drug dependent youth to reintegrate them into […]

Youth Participation & Child Protection

The Youth Participation & Child Protection program enhances youth participation by providing youth with opportunities and platforms to build leadership skills and self-esteem through capacity building, trainings and participation in community development projects. Under this program, we also provide our stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and capacity to uphold child rights and protection. The program caters to the […]

Drug Education & Rehabilitation

Major changes are taking place in Bhutan. Rising rates of rural-urban migration have brought many young people off the land and into the cities, accelerating the breakdown of the extended family support system. In urban areas of Bhutan, young people must fend for themselves and they often experience alienation. Exposure to television, the Internet, and […]

Empowerment for Employment

To address the high youth unemployment rate that continues to straddle aspiring Bhutanese youth, YDF vigorously promotes skills development through training establishments like the Nazhoen Pelri Skills Training Centre, holistic community development projects like My Gakidh Village, and short term skills training in vocational trades and entrepreneurship. The Nazhoen Pelri Skills and Training Centre (NSPTC) The […]


YDF’s dedicated Fundraising team focuses on raising funds for our programs both internationally and at the local level. From school clubs to ad hoc community events to crowdfunding, we strive to further the mission of our NGO.  We keep in constant contact with banking institutions for financial updates, and insure that our partners’ and donors’ […]


While the government provides universal public education for all children in Bhutan until class 10, many children still do not complete basic education. Children are often removed from school due to the socioeconomic needs of their parents. A majority of families in Bhutan depend on subsistence farming for survival, and they view more value in […]

Sponsor a Monk

In Bhutan, almost 10% of the population is part of the monastic system. The clergy plays an important role in the day-to-day lives of the Bhutanese and is a body that is well-respected by the people and an essential part of their being.   Many of the children who become monks come from economically disadvantaged […]